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Green Room

Inquiry Teacher
Social Emotional

Our classroom is setup to promote independence. Consequently, independence leads to a higher self-esteem. Thus, giving them the confidence to engage in challenging activities.

mission statement

Warm Demander
  • Explicit focus on building rapport and trust. Expresses warmth through non-verbal ways like smiling, touch, warm or firm tone of voice, and good natured teasing.
  • Shows personal regard for students by inquiring about important people and events in their lives. 
  • Earns the right to demand engagement and effort. 
  • Very competent with the technical side of instruction.
  • Holds high standards and offers emotional support and instructional scaffolding to dependent learners for reaching the standards. 
  • Encourages productive struggle.
  • Viewed by students as caring because of personal regard and "tough love" stance.