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Sanford Harmony

"Sanford Harmony is transforming the lives of children in classrooms each and every day, creating the foundations of a healthier, more collaborative society." - T. Denny Sanford


Sanford Harmony provides educators with the tools to foster social connections among all students, and to support the social, emotional, and cognitive skills students need to successfully develop positive peer relationships, and thrive in school. Sanford Harmony incorporates multiple methods to build positive relationships and create an inclusive classroom environment. A multi-layered approach is necessary to build a mutually respectful learning community. These goals are accomplished through:

1) Relationship-building lessons and activities that help students learn and practice key social-emotional skills.

2) Everyday practices that provide students with supported opportunities to interact with peers and participate in dialogue and decision making about issues related to the classroom community.

By combining these approaches, students not only gain interpersonal skills, but they also have continual experiences that promote the development of positive attitudes and relationships, as well as a supportive classroom environment.